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Random musings - part 19

मधुरो मधुरश्चेति स्वरस्तु वेणुवीणयोः ।
वदन्ति हन्त लोकास्तेsश्रुतस्वबालजल्पनाः ।। 181 ।।
Translation attempt of the famous Thirukkural beginning with the words குழலினிது...
आत्मानं च तदन्तस्स्थंपरमात्मानमप्यहो ।
दर्शयतीत्यतो नूनंगुरुर्विशेषदर्पणः ।। 182 ।।
An ordinary mirror shows ourselves which we cannot see with our eyes. Alas! A Guru is a special mirror who shows not only ourselves to us but also what is inside us, the Paramatma!
गौरवं त्वयि यातीहनानारूपेण पुस्तक! ।
अस्मद्धस्तक! नूनं नःलाघवं याति मस्तकम् ।। 183 ।।
Hey book! While you get heavier in various forms, and by being in our hands, indeed our head has become lighter. Our capacity to learn and retain has come down heavily.....Atleast mine for sure 😉
अद्रव्यमस्ति तु ज्ञानंयदा हि याति मे शिरः ।
कश्चन जायते भारःस्तब्धो भवामि विस्मयः ।। 184 ।।
Substances (dravya) possess weight and when they are borne, peopl…

Random musings - part 18

स्मृतिस्ते शुष्कचित्ते मेकथं कदापि जायते ।
ग्रीष्मकालस्य वर्षावत्तद्धि भवेद्दयानिधे ।। 171 ।।
Hey Dayanidhi! How is it that sometimes, thoughts about you arise in my dry mind (devoid of bhava or bhakti). Well it might be the like the peak summer rain that occurs sometimes when the heat is too much! 😊
मन्दं गच्छसि काल त्वम्अकार्ये मयि तिष्ठति ।
यदा हि कार्यमग्नोहंवेगं धावसि सर्वथा ।। 172 ।।
Sometimes there is a feeling that whenever we don't do anything and be idle, time also seems to keep company. But when we get lost in an activity time seems to fly! 😊
यथा श्रोता न कुप्येच्चन खिद्येत न संभ्रमेत् ।
तथा विचिन्त्य निर्माणंप्रश्नस्य क्रियतां सदा ।। 173 ।।
To get better answers we need to frame the best of questions that suit the situation so as to not to affect relationships. Always frame questions in a such a way that the listener does not get angry, worried or confused. Questioning is an art!

Random musings - part 17

परिणामस्तु कोपस्यस्वाहिताय कदाप्यहो ।
आत्मानं बाधते नूनंमशकताडनं यथा ।। 161 ।।
Sometimes the result of anger brings discomfort to oneself. Showing anger towards a biting mosquito (trying to hit it) lands a blow to oneself indeed!
एकैकस्यापि वृक्षस्यबीजानि सफलानि चेत् ।
नैव विद्येत चान्येषांजगत्यवसरस्सदा ।। 162 ।।
If all the seeds of every tree become fruitful then there might be no scope for others (trees etc) to grow!
Just for fun and thinking for beginners of Sanskrit.
पुत्रो हि पितृवन्नैवमातृवद्दुहिता तु वै ।
स्वसा तथा न नप्तापिकथमेतन्न वेद्म्यहम् ।। 163 ।।
It means cursorily 'son is not like father but daughter is like mother. Sister is not like mother and grandson is not like father - I don't know why'
😊 it is actually about sabdas. People who know it will say 'yes ofcourse'. But people who go by meaning will wonder for sometime.....Is it not?
पुत्र शब्द न पितृशब्दवत् ...The sabda पुत्र does not decline like प…

आचार्यस्तुतिपञ्चदशी सार्था - Acharyastutipanchadashi with meaning

The 63rd Thirunakshatra celebrations of the present Jeer of Sri Ahobila mutt, H.H. Sri Ranganatha Yateendra Mahadesikan (46th Srimad Azhagiyasingar) was celebrated in a grand manner on the 18th of June 2018 at Sri Ahobila mutt, Selaiyur by Sishyas with great fervour.
The Srikaryam Swami of the mutt commanded adiyen, his shishya, to compose a stuti suiting the occasion. This is indeed Acharya anugraham as there are many vidvans who are capable of composing excellent padyams.
Adiyen is still a beginner to Sanskrit poetry and is yet to transform in to a traditional poet. Ideas do not seem to be conventional but a bit modern.
Feedback is welcome on the correctness of word formations and meanings! 
Sreeram Jaganathan.

वन्दे सुन्दरसिंहस्य तन्नाम्नश्च गुरोश्च नः ।
पादाम्बुजयुगं गेयं स्तवने सिद्धिरस्तु मे ।। १ ।।
I salute the praiseworthy pair of divine lotus feet of the Lord Azhagiyasingar and also of our Guru with same name, H.H.Srimad Azhagiyasingar, let there be success i…