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An anthology on hymns on Lord Hayagriva and Swami Desikan

posted on Vijayadasami day (30-09-2017)
वन्दे लक्ष्मीहयग्रीवंपुरो मे मार्गदर्शकम् । येनापक्वमतिर्नूनंकिञ्चिद्भूता हि संस्कृता ।। 1 ।।
I salute Lakshmi Hayagriva who is my margadarshaka in life and because of whom indeed my raw mind has become refined (by learning Sanskrit, I sincerely believe because of His guidance only I have taken up the study of Sanskrit)

चित्ते तमोवने धावत्वत्सत्त्वे वाजिवक्त्र! मे । रजोमयं भवेत्तद्धित्वत्कवने लसान्यहम् ।। 2 ।।
This one is a hymn on Lord Hayagriva referred to as Vaji-vaktra, horse faced). O Vajivaktra! please run in my mind which is a dark forest (ignorant). With your sattva (sattva guna / presence), let it be covered with rajas (dust / passion). Let me enjoy singing in praise of you! the usage of sattva, rajas and tamas in two ways may be enjoyed!

This is a prayer to Hayagriva. An attempt has been made to mention parts of the head, atleast the words representing those parts - eyes, ears, mouth, nose and neck as well.
मुखे चरेत् हयग्रीवःनासया वाक् च मे …

an anthology on poets and 'me as a poet' - part 2

Those who have read Shakuntalam may appreciate this better!
Vanajyotsna is a creeper that resorts to a mango tree (sahakara) for support as it is khsama (capable)!
I am comparing kavitaa (poetry!) to vanajyotsna and saluting her, for she has chosen to climb upon my dry head (shuskha shirasi), though I am not a sahakara (asahakara), also incapable (akshama)/of supporting her....
अक्षमोऽसहकारोऽपिशुष्कशिरसि मय्यहो । आरोहसि वनज्योत्स्ने!नमस्ते कविते! लते।। 11 ।।
I salute you, o vanajyotsna creeper!, poetry! You climb upon my dry head who is neither a mango tree (unhelpful to you) nor a capable one (of supporting you)
Sanskrit poetry is not dependent on me! Rather it supports me!
Certain people are always attached to something! the areas that they like...
भवने ह्यलसस्यापिपावने योगिनो रतिः । अवने देवतायाश्चकवने तु कवेः किल।। 12 ।।
The lazy are happy to be in their home, yogis in purification, the Gods in protecting (their devotees) and poets in composing indeed.

an anthology on Poets and 'me as a Poet' - part 1

Who is a poet?
He does not do what others do but sees what others do not see. With his brilliance, he throws light on what he sees so that others are benefited, just like the Sun. But in the process, since he does not move often he is termed lazy by the world!
पश्यत्यदृश्यमानञ्चन करोति कृतं परैः । काशयति पदैर्दृष्टम्अलसोपि कवी रविः ।। 1 ।।

The usage of word padaih may be appreciated. It means 'by words' (poet) and also 'by steps' (Sun).
Am I a poet? Can I call myself one? What if I call myself one?
विभान्तु तारागणसोमसूर्याःविभूषिते खे तु सदा प्रदीप्ताः । कदापि खद्योतकुलं मदीयंचकास्तु मन्दं किल पद्यलोके ।। 2 ।।
Let the (great poets) stars, moon and sun shine ever in the decorated sky of poetry. Let the dull-witted group to which I belong also shine a bit like the firefly on the surface of the earth!
My nature is to keep jumping like a monkey. How I can become a poet?
कपित्वं मे हि विद्येतचार्थवृक्षेषु कूर्दनम् । कवित्वं हन्त सिध्येतशब्दतरुषु साहस…