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Random musings - part 13

Ever watered a plant mindfully? There are lot of insects that die and raising animals means destroying so much of vegetation! Everything about growing one stuff entails destroying another! Creation is impossible without destruction! Maintenance is nothing but creation extended! If God is said to create and maintain the world? at what cost?
सृष्टिर्वापि स्थितिर्हन्तकुतो विनाशनं विना ।
क्रिये तु द्वेऽपि ते देवपञ्चत्वेनास्तु नाटकम् ।। 121 ।।
सृष्टिः creation वापि also स्थितिः maintenance हन्त alas कुतः wherefrom विनाशनं destruction विना without क्रिये activities तु but द्वेऽपि two also ते your देव Lord पञ्चत्वेनास्तु be with the five elements नाटकम् drama
Alas! Creation or maintenance seem to be impossible without involving destruction. Or O Lord! both these two acts of yours is a drama with the five elements!
There are some slokas in Sanskrit that emphasise the need for learning Grammar. The one below is an attempt in this front! There are some words when …

Random musings - part 12

Though both Science and Philosophy try to understand the mysteries of life, their starting points are different. For example, Science says life is adventitious on Earth because of the presence of right conditions on it. Philosophy (Traditional Indian) states that the earth is (ever) there to support life as different beings have to be born again and again due to their beginning less karma. Let me ask earth herself!
अनादिकर्मणाऽस्माकंभूमे! भ्रमसि किं सदा ।
त्वं भ्रमसीति हेतोः किंभ्रामयति तु कर्म नः ।। 111 ।।
अनादि beginningless कर्मणा due to karma अस्माकं our भूमे! Earth! भ्रमसि you rotate किं what सदा always त्वं you  भ्रमसि rotate इति thus हेतोः due to the reason किं what भ्रामयति cause to rotate कर्म karma नः us
Earth! Is it due to our beginningless karma that you are (also) rotating constantly (to support us)? Or is it due to your rotation, we are born (somehow) and the (accumulated) karma is pushing us in to the cycle of rebirth?
With the kind of me…