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Random musings - part 16

वार्द्धकेकालनाटकंमृत्युपर्यन्तमेवनु।। 151 ।।
This is a variation of anushthup metre. Those who waste their childhood in playing, youth in pleasure, will have to face the drama of kala or time in their old age until death.
शास्त्रग्रन्थनदीष्वेवपुण्यमस्तिनिमज्जने।। 152 ।।
An eternal offender that I am, like an elephant that smears itself with mud after taking bath. What is the use of me studying the scriptures, holy rivers that they are! But there is some punya in plunging in to them. Therefore I dare to study them.
विष्णो! महत्तमसस्यास्त्वंसति

हरिस्तुतिः - भागः १

Nothing new is conveyed in the stutis below. What has been said in beautiful words by great poets before came across in the mind as simple momentary realisations and took shape as the following. Bhakti is yet to dawn.
नाहमाचारवाञ्चापि नाप्यनुष्ठानवानहो ।
त्वन्निष्ठाचार्यवान् किन्तु नाहं खिन्नस्ततो हरे ॥ १ ॥
Hari! I do not have achara and anushthana but I have an acharya who is steadfastly devoted to you (with both). Hence, I roam about without worries.
च्युतसंस्कारदेहे मे कथं शुद्धिस्तु सर्वदा ।
अच्युतोन्नतसंस्कारान् मनस्यच्युत वर्धय ॥ 2 ॥
Acyuta! My body is impure as not all the prescribed samskaras have been performed. Please help me to grow good and unfailing samskaras in my mind (atleast).
स्पृष्टवस्तुषु नेषन्मे निवृत्तिस्तु सदा हरे ।
अस्पृष्टेषु प्रवृत्तिस्तु मनसः मोचनं कदा ॥ ३ ॥
I do not refrain from what have been enjoyed already and I am always behind those that are not yet enjoyed. Hari! When will my mind be rescued?

Random musings - part 15

Out of temerity this lamb (that I am) has entered the forest (filled with pride of Lions) of composing poetry! But it is resorting to your grace, Raghavasimha! protect it! Lamb seeking refuge in a Lion!
एष मेषः प्रविष्टोस्तिरभसा कवने वने ।
किन्तु दयावलम्बी तेराघवसिंह! पालय ।। 141 ।।
स्वभावस्तु श्वभावश्च स्वजनश्श्वजनोप्यतः ।
स्वपाकश्च श्वपाकोपि मा भूद्व्याकरणं पठ ।। 142 ।।
This is a copycat of a sloka which emphasises the need to learn vyakarana by showing the difference between words with similar sounding letters. Meaning - स्व means own, श्व in a compound means of a dog. Please study vyakarana to know the right pronunciation of syllables. otherwise your behaviour may become like the dog's, (and therefore) your own people may be related to it and your cooking might also be related to that.😊
सुधीभिर्निर्मिता या तु प्रकर्षेणापि हेलया ।
खेलिका सा विनोदाय प्रहेलिकेति विश्रुता ।। 143 ।।
A prahelika is known thus – a riddle …

Random musings - part 14

Duhkha-anubhava is source of knowledge or vairagya. But there is also this saying prasava vairagya - once the difficulty is over, we are back to square one! The knowledge or vairagya does not stay! It may be compared to the lightning in the dark clouds! Once rain is over, it is also gone! This is what the below verse expresses, in two ways - first (not so positive) is my idea and the second (positive) is my wife's tweaking.
अतीवदुःखे हि विवेकबुद्धिः
विभातु कालाभ्रतडित्समाना ।
क्षणे विनष्टा विफला च हन्त
पुनः कदा याति सुखे तु जाते ।। 131 ।।
अतीवदुःखे in extreme misery हि indeed विवेकबुद्धिः discriminative knowledge  विभातु shine कालाभ्र in dark cloud तडित्समाना like lightning  क्षणे in a moment विनष्टा lost  विफला useless (not productive) च and  हन्त alas पुनः again कदा when आयाति it comes सुखे happiness तु if जाते born
Let discriminative knowledge shine like light