Acharya stuti malika on HH Srimadh Andavan (Srimushnam)

I am sharing twelve slokas which were composed on H.H.Srimad Andavan (Srimushnam), of Andavan Ashramam.

1: श्रीमन्तमस्मदाचार्यं रंगरामानुजं मुनिम् ।
धीमन्तं चापि धीरं तं यतिवर्यमहं भजे ।।

I salute that sage Sri Rangaramanujamuni, my (our) acharya, who is wise and well conducted and also the best of yati-s.

2: सहास्यो यस्स्मितास्येन ह्लादयति यतिश्च तम् ।
चतुष्षष्टिकलान्तं चतुस्सोमसमं भजे ।। 

H.H. has an excellent sense of humour. His wit is enjoyable.

I salute that Yati who pleases people with his sense of humour and smiling face. He is a master of all 64 art forms. (Or he has 64 kalas) so he is equal to 4 moons (16 kalas * 4) and thus pleases others much more when compared to the moon... 

3: न्यायविदोस्य मीमांसा वेदान्ते सुप्रतिष्ठिता ।
संख्या विशेषतो युक्ता परब्रह्मणि सर्वदा ।।

In this verse an attempt is made to mention the names of all the six darshanas.
A scholar of high repute in nyaya he is, his desire for examination (quest) lies firmly in vedanta. Sankhya which means jnana (buddhi) is especially (vaiseshika) yoked (yoga) in paramatma always.

4: ब्रह्मानन्दमजानद्भिः तदनुभूयते यतेः ।
अस्माभिरत्र धावद्भिः संसारे त्वस्य सन्निधौ ।।

Here in this world, in the presence of our acharya, brahmananda is experienced by us, who do not have a clue as to what it is, and who are running in the mundane lanes of life......

5: आरुद्राभूतजन्मायं गुणजातेन चाप्यहो ।
विनेषदपि सन्देहं राजते यतिराजवत् ।।

Acharya was born on a thiruvadirai star and alas with the multitude of noble qualities that he has, he shines like our very yatiraja, without an iota of doubt...
Acharyas name is Ranga *Ramanuja*Mahadesikan

6: प्रणतभक्तभावज्ञः विभक्तचित्तयोजकः ।
चित्तवाग्देहदोषज्ञः तद्वारणे पतञ्जलिः ।।                       

A shishya may not know his acharya well but an acharya can empathise with his sishsya well and accept him as he or she is. Srimad Andavan is such an acharya. He is very good at ayurveda and allied field.

Srimad Andavan knows the bhava of those sishsyas who have sought his blessings and changes the mind of those you are detached to the sampradaya. He is Patanjali indeed who knows the doshas of the mind, body and speech and gives remedies for them.

There is a school of thought that it was one and same Patanjali who gave one text each for ayurveda (body), yoga (mind) and grammar (speech) that rectifies the doshas of body, mind and speech.

7: पशवश्शिशवस्तेषां धावन्ति यत्पदं स्वयम् ।
किं पुनश्च नराणां तं वात्सल्यविग्रहं भजे ।।     

Srimad Andavan is very much fond of animals esp cows. Or they are more affectionate towards him is the truth.

Animals and their young ones jump in joy and approach him on their own. If that is the case what to say about people? (when they can appreciate him even better and rush to seek his blessings)

I salute that vigraha of vatsalya....                 

8: कुशाग्रमतिमानेषः बुधाग्रपंक्तिपावनः ।
निग्रहोपि गुरोरस्य नूनमनुग्रहायते ।।

Srimad Andavan is highly intelligent and He adds sanctity to the ghoshti of scholars by his presence.  Even the chidings of acharya turnout out be blessings indeed....(an incident in my own life is a testimony among many others)....          

9: संगीतशास्त्रनैपुण्यं स्वरसमस्य विद्यते ।
गन्धर्वस्वरवान् सर्वान् कर्षति विदुषोप्ययम् ।।

Acharya is too good in carnatic music.

Expertise in the field of music is pleasingly found in him. He has the voice of a gandharva with which he attract even the professional singers.                

10: अखण्डा मतिरस्यापि तथैव भासते स्मृतिः ।
चाटूक्तिभिरयं नूनं भयकृत्प्रतिवादिनाम् ।।

Acharya's intellect is massive and his memory is brilliant. With his witty sayings he is indeed a 'prativaadibhayankara'!

11. समाश्रितेन शिष्येन मुकुन्दपद्मनाभयोः ।
श्रीरामेण प्रणीतेयम् आचार्यस्तुतिमालिका ॥

This Acharya stuti malika has been composed by Sreeraman, who has undergone samasrayana by the Guru and who is a disciple of Sri Mukundan and Sri Padmanabhan.

12. मंगलं गुरुवर्येभ्यः आयुरारोग्यवर्धनम् ।
सर्वदास्त्विति याचेहं रङ्गनाथस्य पादुके ॥

Let there be mangala, long life and good health to the Guru always and thus I pray to the padukas of Lord Ranganathan…

With this the dashaka on H.H.Srimad Andavan is complete...


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